I am here to fix every single problem a blogger face when creating an authority blog and make a constant income out of the blog.


My name is Nitin Vasu.

I am a full time blogger and a life time student.

So before I tell you how I reached here, let me take you to the roots of it.

I started blogging in year 2016.

At that time, the most famous version of blogging around me was Adsense money blogging. The soul purpose of that kind of blogging was to make money, by hook or crook, which means no matter if you are providing value to your visitor or not, your aim is to yield as much money as much possible.

But like with great power comes great responsibility, with bad aims comes bad consequences.

The blog which we worked on for months, loosed their raking in Google in not time.

But by that time we acquired a taste for wrong things.

So kept trying again and again to repeat the taste but it never happened.

And the only reason why it was happening because WE WERE NOT PROVIDING VALUES.

So I decided to quit that kind of blogging and started to understand the real way of doing it.

From 2016 to 2019, I was making no money, but I was clear that I will get to the real way of doing it.

And finally 2019 was the year when I started making difference

It took time, it took persistence but the most important part of this thing is that it makes you happy.

When you go to the sleep at night and you realize that you helped someone today, it really feels amazing.

You make someone come out of the struggle you have been to.

And since than there is no stopping.

Since than, Growth Blogging is all about growth of bloggers who are facing hard times in establishing their selves as an authority blogger.

Here is how we are going to do it

Here are some useful recent post where you can start from.

And when you will finish reading this, there will be some questions popping up in your mind, for that Join my Facebook group to get your questions answered personally by me and some like minded people.

Thank you for reading this long introduction. ( I really mean this "Thank You".)

Come join us and let's grow together!

Just another blogger like you,

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