8 Best Grammarly alternative [FREE+Paid] with BIG discount

Grammar correction is an industry these days.

There are lots of boats in the sea.

There are people who do it for you and there are also human made software which serves the purpose.

What to choose and what to not.

Today in this post I will compare Grammarly with 8 other popular grammar checkers to find out the best Grammarly alternative.

Let’s dive in.

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What will we cover?

Before we dive in, let us just quickly get you through the bullet points telling what you will get in this article.

And here it is-

  • We will talk only and only about the comparison of Grammarly alternative grammar checkers here. So if you are looking for detailed reviews of Grammarly, that’s a topic for another day.
  • We will talk about the free and premium versions of all the software and compare them with Grammarly.
  • We will pick some frequently asked questions to answer your curiosity.
  • And in the end, I will add a conclusion on what to choose between Grammarly and its alternatives.

How did we do the comparison?

We checked all the software with an ideal paragraph and recorded the data to find out the pros and cons of the software.

What to look for when choosing grammar checker software?

Although the needs vary from person to person, but there are few factors that we want you to look for sure, when choosing a grammar checker software.

We will decide based on these factors where they stand in comparison with Grammarly.

  1. Quality - The software should be premium in interface and quality in service.
  2. The range - How many grammatical errors like punctuation, proofreading, rephrasing and spell checker does it check. Plagiarism checker will be a plus to it. Basically, the number of features.
  3. Availability- It should integrate with as many as platforms possible and sync automatically everywhere.
  4. The after support - There should be a support system behind that software so you don't get stuck at any point.
  5. The price - and last but not the least, it should be a value for money product.
Grammarly alternative parameters
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Let’s have a look at Grammarly first

The first grammar checker I was introduced to ever was Grammarly.(Before that MS Word and my grandpa were my grammar checkers.)

And it blew me away using a software which corrects grammatical errors like not exactly but almost like a human being.

Grammarly is a well-designed grammar checker which knows the pain points of a writer.

Be it a blogger or any other guy who writes, Grammarly has tailored solutions for every group of people.

With lots of recommendations, this tool is the most popular tool among all the bloggers.

Grammarly not only checks for Grammatical errors but also checks for punctuation, spelling and something that every writer needs to have is - plagiarism.

It’s an all in one tool.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s a perfect one. 

There are of course cons of it, and we will talk about it in the later part of this post.

For now, let’s check it for the 4 factors, we decided before.


Grammarly interface is simple and easy to adapt.

Before signing up, the website gives us a premium look and after signing up; it leaves us on the dashboard where we can start correcting grammar of our content on the go.

There are no unnecessary things on the dashboard and just a simple blank page where you can start from. 

Once you add your content to this section, Grammarly starts showing all the errors and corrections in the right sidebar. Which is a good thing because it keeps the errors and the content separate and one can see the errors easily.

Grammarly error display
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As you click on any error, it shows the right correction with an explanation about why Grammarly thinks it’s an error. Cool, right?

There is one more sidebar on the right which tells overall score, clarity and more. 

Overall score includes these things in it -

Grammarly overall score
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These things make you confident about your writing, and that’s the goal.

Grammarly understands this thing, and they have worked well on it.

Although, there is one thing I don’t like about Grammarly is that we need to reload it on every other page we jump to. If it automatically does that, I will be very happy.

Grammarly reload issue
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2. The Range

There are hardly any services like Grammarly which stand equal when it comes to the range.

Grammarly has a huge range of functions which almost makes your content like a humanly corrected content.

It lists down all possible errors including grammar, punctuation, spelling, wordiness and tone of the sentence.

That’s all for the free version.

With the Grammarly premium version, you get to see more suggestions like writing style, overused words, plagiarism and lots more.

You will see some similar programs like Grammarly which do the tasks Grammarly does, but it will be hard for you to find a program which can do all these above-mentioned tasks collectively.

I tested a good deal of software which we will review next, plagiarism is something that was missing in most of them.

Plagiarism is something which is a must for content writers to save themselves from being caught unintentionally copying others content.

3. Availability

It’s not about grammar checkers, be it any software, I always check if they work across other platforms as well.

It saves you a lot of time, copying stuff from one device to another device.

Plus, once I use any software and I like it, I would like to have it at all the places it can be.

Thankfully, Grammarly is available on various platforms and editors.

It’s super easy to use.

Just add a chrome plugin or download a desktop app and you are good to go.

Once installed in browsers, it works on social media sites, Gmail and even in WordPress editors.

I read somewhere on the internet it works fine with content builders too but I faced hard times doing that and it did not work for me there. I am using Thrive content builder.

Also, Grammarly has this great integration with Microsoft Word too. For that you need to download a separate client on Windows and it doesn’t have this facility on Mac OS.

You can get it for Safari browser for sure.

Grammarly MS word integration
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Besides that, it’s widely available on platforms like Android and IOS.

It’s said that Grammarly in its beta version is available for Google Docs but the beta version did not work for me there. If it works for you, let me know in the comment box at the end of this article.

4. The after support

“Do you guys provide support?”

That’s my question everywhere when I plan to purchase any software.

Because it’s obvious to have questions in mind when using a service.

And if you have no one to respond to that, that’s hard to digest.

Grammarly has email support for its users, and as I tested, I found that they take 1 business day to respond to the queries sent.

Which is a fair time to respond.

It would have been great if they had a chat support option as well.

5. The price

Whatever a service claims to have, if it’s not worth the money, it’s not useful.

Grammarly comes with three variants of its pricing.

The free version, the premium and the business version.

Grammarly Plan Comparison chart
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While the free version is free of cost, premium and business versions cost $11.66 and $12.50 respectively for a month if billed annually. The prices are noted at the time when this article is being written. 

Grammarly free version - Is it useful?

It’s free to sign up. The sign-up process is as easy as signing up for Facebook(even easier these days).

Once you sign up, you directly land on the dashboard where you just add your content and correct it with a snap of fingers.

I am using Grammarly for a time.

Believe it or not, I was using the Grammarly free version for a long time and I was quite satisfied with it.

Grammarly free version includes checking Grammar, punctuation, spelling errors with checking for wordiness and tone of the content.

And for the people starting out or those who want exact things mentioned above, the free version is perfect.

But if you want to go forward and want to make your content better and above average, you may opt in for premium or business plans according to your needs.

Pros - Why to choose Grammarly?

  1. The wide range of features. Features like plagiarism checker are rare to find.
  2. Wide range of availability. Available on most of the platforms.
  3. Great interface to understand and correct your mistakes, hassle free.
  4. Helpful free version.
  5. Beta versions testing new platforms will add more to Grammarly access.

Cons - What could be better?

  1. Little expensive.

  2. Should add more helpful features.

  3. I will appreciate chat support.

Grammarly Vs Ginger

Ginger was the first alternative that came to my mind when I started searching for programs like Grammarly.

I came to know more about it when I started researching about it.

At the start I thought, it's just another grammar checker software but once I started using it, the features started unfolding.

One great thing I liked about it and something which impressed me at first look was I opened ginger.com and the editor just showed up on the homepage.

That’s a cool thing to have because you are not asking for any sign ups and letting visitors try it on the go.

One good thing they added is that when you integrate their plugin in the browser, it lets you check the definition of any word by just double clicking it. 

Which eases your task when you are in the middle of something and don’t know the meaning of any word.

I tried their translator for my mother tongue i.e. Hindi and I was not quite impressed.

Grammarly Alternative - Ginger translation
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It not only translated it as it is at some points but also missed some parts of sentences. It’s somewhere between translation provided by Google translator and translation by a native speaker of the language.

Now let’s check it for our parameters and see where it stands.

1. Quality

Let’s talk about the interface first.

I have already praised their on the go editor. 

It’s something I believe every grammar checking website should have.

That’s before signing up.

Once you sign up, you can use it on various platforms.

I used it on a browser with a plugin, and I found it similar to Grammarly.

I read on some websites reviewing Ginger that it previously used to slide down a small editor when the plugin button is pressed and no one looked impressed with it. 

But now that’s not the case.

As you click the Ginger logo in your plugin bar, it shows you some options and links to their editor, which pops up on their website.

Ginger plugin interface
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The editor on their website is like Grammarly, but not exactly.

Once you add your content to their editor, it shows errors and mistakes.

One great advantage Grammarly has over Ginger here is that Grammarly shows the errors and mistakes in the right sidebar, while Giger doesn’t.

It shows the correction once you hover your cursor over the error with no explanation.

I would like to have an explanation because in conditions where I feel I am right here, how would I convince myself that I am not?

The right sidebar in Ginger is filled with translation, dictionary and synonyms tabs. You can use them on the go.

The left one gives you an option to rephrase sentences.

I am quite impressed with the results it provided.

Ginger sentence rephraser
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It showed me 2-3 optional suggestions, and I really liked the suggestions it showed.

The sentence re-phraser is a plus in Ginger over Grammarly, which you would not get to see in other grammar checking websites.

I will probably use some suggestions in this article as well. 🙂

2. The range

We know Grammarly for its range.

And so does any software.

The wider it is in terms of features, the better it is.

Ginger comes with a wide range of features as well, which makes it stand in the competition.

Exploring its features, I got to know some out of the box features which I struggled to find on other grammar checking alternatives.

  1. There is sentence re-phraser, which lets you know your sentence in other ways possible. 
  2. They have a virtual personal trainer which trains you in English and asks you not to buy an English grammar book.
  3. They have this text reader which reads your content in the right pronunciation.
  4. They have a separate essay checker which corrects your essay the way an essay should be corrected.
  5. They have a translator which translates your content in 40 languages. “40 languages” is a big thing, right?

These were the features I found out of the box and I really appreciate the effort Ginger made to have these features.

Other than that, they have basic grammar checker features like Dictionary, spell checker, punctuation checker, proofreader and of course Grammar checker.

Which makes Ginger a solid competitor to Grammarly.

The sentence re-phraser is available for free to try as it's a premium feature in Grammarly.

The features like a personal trainer, essay checker and translation are plus in Ginger and not even available in Grammarly.

While there are also premium features like plagiarism, tone detection and many more which are only available to Grammarly.

3. Availability

I have discussed how much I like any software to be available across platforms.

It saves a hell lot of time.

Following the footsteps of Grammarly, Ginger is also available across many platforms.

It’s available for all social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and more when used in browsers via plugin. (Available for both Safari and Chrome browser)

Plus, it also integrates with Gmail.

While checking on WordPress editor and my content builder (I use thrive architect), it worked fine on both. (Grammarly worked on WordPress editor only).

They have their mobile versions named Ginger page on both Android and IOS devices.

And like Ginger always likes experimenting new things, they have also introduced a keyboard for Android devices.

I used this keyboard, and it’s a faster way to translate and correct your text while writing.

Here are some inside images -

Ginger keyboard error correction
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Ginger keyboard rephraser
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Ginger keyboard translation
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The Re-phraser button sometimes struggled to work, but all over it was fine and productive to use.

Ginger has officially said that they do not support integration in Google Docs yet.

Ginger desktop client is available for both Mac and Windows.

So when it comes to availability, ginger is no less than Grammarly.

In fact, at some points it’s even more than Grammarly.

4. The after support

Ginger has a help center and tutorials to answer your queries.

Other than that they have email support, which they claim respond within 2 business days.

I messaged them a query to know something and also check their response time.

They responded within 24 hours.

So in the support aspect, it’s equal to Grammarly.

I would like to have chat support on Ginger and I would like to have it on Grammarly.

5.The price

Pricing is important.

Ginger cost a little less than Grammarly.

They have three versions of the paid program. 

One is the Premium version which costs $14.98 /month if billed monthly, $6.24/ month when billed annually and $4.99/ month when billed for 2 years.

Second version is for businesses which cost @9.99 per member / month flat.

And third is Ginger for schools. They have not listed the prices for it and they have placed a “Contact us” button to get in touch with them for price.

I wrote the prices when the article was being written. They may vary later.

So comparing it with the value it provides, it’s fairly priced.

Grammarly Vs Ginger comparison chart
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Pros - What makes it stand in competition?

  1. Android platform is something which adds a lot of value to Android mobile users.
  2. Cheaper than Grammarly.
  3. Equal in support and availability with Grammarly.
  4. Added features like language translator and virtual assistance are a plus.
  5. Free version lets you try premium features.

Cons - Improvements needed here

  1. Features like plagiarism checker missing.

  2. They need more features which add human touch to output of the software.

  3. I will appreciate more premium features.

Grammarly Vs LanguageTool

Languagetool is another grammar checker alternative to Grammarly with on the go grammar checker on their website.

I mentioned it before and I am mentioning it again, a free on the go grammar checker editor is love for newbie writers. The best thing about it - it’s free for 20000 characters/check.

And finally, grammarly alternative which integrates with Google Docs as well.

I checked this post’s introduction into it and it showed me some errors which I kept on purpose.

Languagetool error checking
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Other than that, it’s available on all major platforms including MS Word 2016 or later, just like Grammarly and Ginger. Integration with MS Word is a paid feature, though.

Languagetool have two versions of their website which is Languagetool.org and Languagetoolplus.com

While the Languagetoolplus.org is for software companies and publishing houses (some coding stuff), Languagetool.org is for everyone else for proofreading.

If you are wondering what is the difference between Grammar checking and Proofreading, checking for grammatical errors is called proofreading.

Languagetool have used a different way to serve to its visitors.

There is this free version of the software which is limited to 20000 characters/ check, and there is a premium version which allows 40000 characters/ check with added features.

We will talk about all of this one by one in our parameter checking below.

1. Quality

LanguageTool’s interface is quite easy and on the go.

The browser extension works similar to Grammarly.

It checks for errors and gives suggestions in the editor you are working.

One great thing I noticed here is that they don’t ask for any registration. You install the extension, and you are good to go.

When checking Languagetool’s website grammar checker editor, I found one cool thing in their correction suggestion. I entered a paragraph which included a date with a day and I entered a random day.

The editor showed me a suggestion that It was not Saturday on your entered date but Sunday.

Cool, right?

They have listed 27 languages which they claim to support in their editor.

Sometimes the editor somewhere gave me some wrong suggestions.

But other than that, the Languagetool worked fine for me.

2. The range

Languagetool comes with three versions. Free, Premium And Developers version.

Free version comes with basic grammar checks including 20000 character checks/ month.

Premium version comes with all free version features plus unlimited words for MS word.

Other than basic features, most of the other features are for developers.

Languagetool leans more on the developer side than the normal user side.

It looks to be a provider for developers to use Languagetool’s technology in their grammar checkers.

So if you are looking for a wide range of features other than normal features, which work for a normal user, Languagetool does not look to be fulfilling your wish.

And if you are just looking for normal features and you are a developer kind of soul, they seem to work for you.

Comparing it to Grammarly, it does not seem to stand anywhere near when it comes to the range of features.

3. Availability

I was blown away when I saw the list of total platforms supported by Languagetool.

The tool supports lot’s of platforms. I even saw some platforms listed, which I am unknown to.

Here is some glimpse into their list -

LanguageTool As A Plug-In support
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It supports all the major platforms including Social media sites, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Windows. Google Docs, Libra, Open office and MS Word.

Languagetool docs addon
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I am not sure if there is a separate tool for MAC because they have not listed any, but it works on Microsoft Word for MAC.

And for all the bloggers out there, it works fine with WordPress editors and Thrive architect content builder.

Languagetool have a special focus on the development part, this is a reason they have support for multiple developer’s platforms.

So when it comes to the availability, I don’t think any other Grammarly alternative or Grammarly itself stands near it.

4.  The after support

Languagetool is funded by European union.

If you are wondering why I am telling this, it’s because it’s an open source kind of developer software.

That makes it obvious to us that the things are not managed by an independent company and there will be not as much backing as other Grammar checkers.

So for the after support, Languagetool have just their own forum where you may post your query and someone will help you out with it.

That’s the most basic level of support and you can not expect to have one to one, 24x7 quick support.

It depends on the forum users and how much they are interested in help.

So comparing it with Grammarly, where you get your queries solved in 24 hours, the support needs a lot of improvements.

5. The price

We have already talked about the version we have got on Languagetool.

There are free, premium and developer versions.

The free version is totally free and not even asking for your registration.

While the premium version costs around $5/ month when billed monthly and around $1.50/ month when billed yearly. For me the price is listed in Indian National Rupees INR, and I have listed it in American dollars roughly here.

So when it comes to price it is fairly less prices than Grammarly.

But there are mostly all premium features lacking, which a regular user expects.

Maybe that’s why it’s a developer's software.

Grammarly Vs AfterTheDeadline comparison chart
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Pros - For what you should consider it

  1. If you are into development of grammar checkers, this is what you are looking for.
  2. Wide range of availability.
  3. Totally free to use free version. No sign-up required.
  4. The cheapest grammar checker till now.

Cons - Where is it lacking?

  1. Lack premium features.

  2. Not a premium software for regular users.

  3. No quick support options.

Grammarly Vs Hemingway

I would start reviewing this software by calling Hemingway more of an editor than a Grammar checker in a true sense.

It’s a simple, ready to write and edit editor which includes a basic grammar checker with it.

No other grammar checker features. That is all.

It checks all your grammatical errors and shows suggestions in the right bar.

There is a readability score, word counter and then there are grammar suggestions.

It divides sentences into colors and tells you where you need improvements, but do not correct it and show suggestions to you for it. Though it corrects the word mistakes.

Other than that, they have desktop versions for both MAC and windows for premium use.

1. Quality

Hemingway is the simplest editor I have compared to Grammarly. 

It’s neat and clean and serves the purpose of an editor & basic grammar checker.

You can not expect much from it.

It also allows the user to format the text with basic formatting options like making words bold, adding heading to it, bullet points and more.

I also used the desktop version of Hemingway app and it’s exactly like the website version except the desktop version has options to export it in many other formats like PDF, DOC and more.

And you get options to publish post directly on WordPress and Medium.com.

Hemingway desktop app article publishing
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I thought the desktop version would tell me the reason behind my sentence errors, but I was just falsely clicking on the option text.

So comparing it with the quality of Grammarly, it’s as simple as Grammarly but not as many features as Grammarly. Not even near.

2. The range

There is not much to talk about here.

There is just a simple Grammar checker and an editor which posts directly on WordPress with formatting.

As mentioned before, it’s more of an editor than a grammar checker.

Totally behind in terms of features when compared to Grammarly if consider it a grammar checker. If you like to use it as an editor, it may be better than Grammarly.

3. Availability

There are just two versions of Hemingway.

One is available on the website, and the other is the desktop client.

There is no chrome extension as other grammar checkers, no other integration with any other software.

It will be a useful tool if you just want to write your WordPress and medium posts in it and correct basic grammatical errors & formatting. Then post directly from this editor.

Compared to Grammarly, which has lots of integration options and is still working on more, Hemingway app has a way to go.

4. The after support

If you are looking for the after support of Hemingway app, it is under the help section.

There are lots of pre-solved queries and then, at the end, they have provided their email address and promised to respond as soon as possible.

When asked a query by me, they responded within 24 hours, which is a standard duration every Grammarly alternative is responding in.

Other than that, there is no other option to contact Hemingway's support.

5. The price

The website editor is free to use. There is no need to sign up or anything.

The desktop client is a premium one.

The price is a flat $19 one time fee for the desktop version.

Comparing it to Grammarly, it’s less expensive in price but also falls behind in features.

Grammarly Vs Hemingway comparison chart
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Pros - Why should you try this?

  1. Good editor for hassle free grammar checking and posting directly on WordPress and Medium.com

  2. Totally free to use free version and less expensive premium version.

  3. Simple and easy to use.

Cons - What is lacking?

  1. Very basic grammar editor. No additional features.

  2. No browser integrations.

  3. More of an editor than a grammar checker.

Grammarly Vs AfterTheDeadline

Reviewing the Hemingway editor, I thought it would be the most basic grammar checker.

AfterTheDeadline set the new record.

It looks like this grammar checker was popular when there were no competitors like Grammarly in the market.

Although this Grammarly alternative is a free and open source program, and we can’t expect much from it.

AfterTheDeadline is a grammar checker which works on the web only.

It’s so simple and basic that it will make your windows notepad editor.

Automattic company started it and later they stopped providing support to it and made it open source. 

Even the software code is made public on GitHub and available to fork it, hack it, and release your own version, as said by the themselves -

Afterthedeadline read me page github
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Let’s check it with our parameter and let’s see if it’s worth trying.

1. Quality

There is not much of designed stuff on the website.

There is just a simple editor and a button saying “check writing” on the demonstration page.

And that’s the only version of this software.

You put your content in the box, click the button and there you go.

It will tell you basic grammatical errors and that’s it.

No styles, no punctuation. This editor keeps everything simple.

Comparing it with Grammarly, basic Grammar checking is the only feature which is similar.

Other than that, there is a lot to cover.

2. The range

As I talked about previously, there is literally nothing other than a basic grammar checking feature.

3. Availability

There is only one version available of this software which is their website editor.

Although they have claimed a list of places they are available, I found it hard to get it there.

Their chrome extension link goes to GitHub and I am not sure how to use the zip version of the extension.

I tried converting it to .crx format so I can upload it in chrome, but there was no .crx format file available in the zip file.

Afterthedeadline no crx chrome plugin
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They also claimed it to be working with WordPress, but it also failed to work there.

Here is what I got when I tried reaching their WordPress plugin -

Afterthedeadline wp error
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So for availability, there is not even a comparison between AfterTheDeadline and Grammarly.

4. The after support

The official creators of the software have stopped providing support for this software.

The software is now an open source software so there will be no support from them.

Afterthedeadline support
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So for the support also, there is no scope of comparison between Grammarly and AfterTheDeadline.

5. The price

The software is freeware to use, like most of the open source software. There is no premium version of it.

So it will cost you nothing to use AfterTheDeadline.

The software is free to use, and the features are very limited. So comparing it with premium software like Grammarly will not be a right way of comparison.

Grammarly Vs AfterTheDeadline comparison chart
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Pros - Few things to look at

  1. Free to use.

  2. Open source software. Good for beginner developers for learning purposes.

Cons - What you need to know?

  1. Very basic grammar checker.

Grammarly Vs ProWritingAid

I was very keen to see a Grammarly alternative which gives Grammarly a tough competition, in my list.

And then ProWritingAid showed up.

I was blown away when I used this software.

Be it the interface or features, ProWritingAid is impressive at every checkpoint I decided for a grammar checker.

The interface is really cool and gives you a premium touch.

After Grammarly, this was the only software which gave me the same premium touch as Grammarly.

You reach their website and they show why they are a tough competitor.

Once you sign up for the free version, they offer you all the features except plagiarism on their online version.

This is a good strategy which works for both the company and the users like us.

Then you use it and find out an amazing range of features which you can hardly find on any Grammarly alternative, some of it even on Grammarly itself.

You paste your text in their online editor and it counts for all the errors.

It underlines all the mistakes with different colors and shows the suggestions once you click on them.

The free version allows you to test text up to 500 words/check.

At some points, it also offers you a free trial of the software.

prowritingaid free trial
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Other than all these things, there is a lot to talk about ProWritingAid. I will cover it all while checking it for our 4 parameters.

Let’s see how it performs.

1. Quality

If someone out of all Grammarly competitors has decided to give a tough competition to  Grammarly, it’s ProWritingAid.

What you expect from an alternative is that it should be like the software you are comparing it with and have some added features which make it unique.

ProWritingAid has done exactly the same.

They offer all the features Grammarly offers and with that they have added a lot of other features which attracts the attention of the visitor.

We will talk about every added feature in “The range” section but for now let me tell you all the added features.

There is this summary feature, which creates a report in seconds and shows a detailed analysis of your content.

I am sure it will blow you away when you will see this report. You probably will think if this report is automatically generated or a human being is sitting on the other side of the computer.

Then there are features like Thesaurus, All repeat, Echoes, structure, length of sentence, transition, sticky words and diction which helps a lot in improving your content.

So if you consider the quality of the software, there is no doubt here. It’s premium, and it’s worth it.

Comparing it with Grammarly, first time in this list, there is a software which I can say stands equal to Grammarly and even above at some places.

2. The range

The range of the features of ProWritingAid is so long that I would exhaust telling you about all the features, but the list of features will not end.

Let me make you go through some features which need your attention.

(i). The summary report -

They surprised me when I saw the summary report.

I expected it to be a usual summary report telling me to make changes here and there, but they have gone way advanced at this feature.

The summary report goes in detail and gives you a lot of statistics about your content.

It starts the report with basic details like total score, grammar score, word count and all.

Then it tells you some great insights like sentence structure and length, most used words, most unusual words, readability pie chart and the list goes on and on.

Here are some glimpses from the list-

prowritingaid summary report 1
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prowritingaid summary report 2
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prowritingaid summary report 3
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prowritingaid summary report 4
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prowritingaid summary report 5
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(ii) Thesaurus -

For all of those who don’t know what “Thesaurus” is, it’s just a book that lists words in groups of synonyms and related concepts.

prowritingaid thesaurus meaning
  • Save

Here thesaurus is a feature which tells you synonyms and related words which can reduce the use of common and frequent words in your content.

I tried this on my content, and at some points I really found it helping a lot. It changed the way a sentence looks.It enhances the writing.

prowritingaid Thesuarus
  • Save

(iii) Overused word check -

As the name suggests, the feature lets you know all the overused words and tells the occurrence.

It makes your writing more interesting and kills the boring element in it.

Here is how it looks -

  • Save

(iv) Repeat check -

Repeat check checks for all the repeating phrases.

When I saw the details of this report, I was surprised that I was using some phrases, again and again.

That’s a really helpful feature to have.

prowirtingaid repeat check
  • Save

(v) Sentence structure check-

Sentence structure is another helpful feature. It tells you how your sentence is starting and how it should be compared to published writers.

prowritingaid sentence structure
  • Save

(vi) Sentence length check -

Sometimes when we are writing an article, we forget the perspective of the reader and end up writing long, boring sentences.

This feature underlines all those sentences and shows which sentence is using how many words.

prowritingaid sentence length
  • Save

(vi) Diction checker -

Diction helps you in finding vague and abstract words which can be avoided and sometimes eliminating them makes more sense than keeping them.

  • Save

Other than this there are some more features like cliche checker, sticky words checker and dialogue which attracts your attention. 

ProWritingAid is slightly advanced in features than Grammarly.

3. Availability

The company who have worked so much on the feature, would work on the availability for sure because they don’t want to leave any platform.

ProWritingAid has done the same.

It’s available on most of the platforms including desktop app for both Windows and MAC and Integration for Microsoft Word, Google docs, Chrome and Firefox browsers.

prowritinaid Improve doc
  • Save

They also provide developer options to integrate their software with your website or app.

I checked it for Chrome and Google docs, and I found it working fine on both the platforms.

To make it work with WordPress editors, one needs to download their WordPress plugin from GitHub and add it manually.

They provide free API keys for individuals and one can easily use their grammar checker into WordPress editor.

It sounds complex, but it’s as simple as adding a plugin to your WordPress.

This Grammarly alternative is available at all the platforms Grammarly is available.

So in terms of availability, it stands equal to Grammarly.

The after support

With more features, there will be more questions.

And for that, you will definitely need a good support system.

ProWritingAid keeps a sticky help chat option on the right side of the homepage and when you click it, you get to know that It’s the same Email support.

But here is the catch, they claim to respond in hours, not days.

Which no other grammar checker including Grammarly claims to do.

I sent them a query via this option, and I got a reply within 24 hours.

So comparing the support of Grammarly and ProWritingAid, they stand equal in this aspect.

The price

ProWritingAid comes with three plans to start with.

Free, Premium and Premium+.

The free plan includes all the features they have with a word limit of 500 words/check.

In the ProWritingAid free version, you get to integrate with one integration.

The premium plan is priced $70 per year flat, which is $5.83/month roughly. Although They don’t have any monthly pricing cycle.

It includes all the features from the free version with no word limit.

It also offers integration with all the platforms, which is not added in the free version.

You also get a desktop version with the premium pack.

Then there is Premium+ version where you get everything from premium pack and 50 plagiarism checks per year.

ProWritingAid also provides a separate option to buy plagiarism checks on their website.

The Premium+ version costs $80 per year, which is $6.66 per month.

Comparing pricing with Grammarly, when Grammarly is $11.66 per month when billed annually, ProWritingAid is $5.83/month for premium  and $6.66 for Premium+ when bought for a year.

So it’s less expensive than Grammarly without compromising with features.

Pros - Why should you buy it

  1. More features than Grammarly.

  2. Less expensive than Grammarly.

  3. Equal to Grammarly in all the other aspects.

  4. Tailored solutions like Grammarly.

Cons - Where it needs improvements

  1. Chat support would be great.

  2. Little expansive separate plagiarism checks.

Grammarly Vs Paper Rater 

Paper rater is a unique Grammarly alternative.

To be frank, in my mind, there was no idea of the kind of grammar checker Paperrater is.

They have added their own set of features; they have made their own set of freebies and they have chosen their own way of being a grammar checker.

Let me start with a fact which will blow your mind right here.

They offer a FREE plagiarism checker.

Yes. That’s true.

I was as surprised as you when I got to know that.

This is the first time any Grammarly alternative has offered a free plagiarism checker. Even Grammarly itself doesn’t offer that.

Paper rater has a simple website editor.

You visit the website, add your content to their editor, and there you go.

It looks like some free to use open source grammar checker, but the features it provides are more than that.

The website editor also asks for some options before starting to correct your grammar like the education level of the author of content, the type of the content you are submitting and if you would like to check for plagiarism for the content which I think you always would.

One more different thing I observed on their website is that they have monetized it with Google Adsense and they also promote Grammarly which you don’t see other Grammarly alternatives doing.

I think that’s how they are providing freebies like a plagiarism checker.

But you may get rid of all these by purchasing the premium version.

Paper rater looks like more of an educational school/college’s paper checker and they keep mentioning that on their website, but that does not mean that they are limited to it.

They also give options to check your content for the type of content you are submitting.

Other than all these things, there are a lot more things that you should know about this software.

Let’s talk about it in our next part of this article.

1. Quality

Talking about the quality of Paper rater, it’s a basic grammar checker which checks for basic grammatical errors like spelling mistakes, word choice, vocabulary and few more.

The build is simple, there is just one way of using it and it is their website editor. No plugins, no desktop versions and no other integrations.

I am very surprised that If you want to compete with the best grammar checkers like Grammarly and you don’t spread your availability, how are you going to reach numerous people in the first place. Being good or average is the second thing.They could have improved a lot here.

Moving on, the output result shows two boxes of your content on the left and a list of errors categorized on the right in a sidebar.

You click on every category and it shows where you made mistakes.

The reports are not as detailed as they were in Grammarly, or I must say not even closer.

Comparing it with Grammarly, the interface is way behind the Grammarly interface and the output results are limited. They need more advanced grammar check features.

If you are looking for a free plagiarism checker, that’s the only feature where it can help you over Grammarly.

3. The range

Paperrater is a grammar checker which comes with most of the basic grammar checks.

It checks for spelling, grammar, words used, writing style and more.

It tells you a little about how you can improve on all these, but they are not detailed and specific.

Also, there are not exact suggestions which can replace the mistakes.

So when it comes to the range of features, this software stands somewhere between an open source or free grammar checker and a dedicated grammar checker like Grammarly.

It’s not as bad as free grammar checkers which hardly checks the mistakes like a human grammar checker and not as good as premium quality grammar checkers which check most of the mistakes a human can detect.

Except all these, there is of course free plagiarism checker feature which grabs your attention and provides something which no one else is providing for free.

So if you are not planning to buy any premium versions and looking for a basic grammar checker with a free plagiarism checker, this grammar checker may help you.

And comparing it with Grammarly, free plagiarism checker is the only advantage it has over Grammarly.

4. Availability

Paperrater has this HELP/FAQ section on their website, which answers a lot of frequently asked questions.

Other than that, there is a “contact us” page where they have mentioned their email like every other grammar checker.

I mailed them a query to check their response time, and they took around two days to reply.

So Paperrater is almost like Grammarly when it comes to the support.

4. The price

Paperrater follows the simple pricing method of free and premium versions.

The free version is completely free to use and doesn’t even ask you to register.

Plus, the big thing I am keep mentioning from the start of this product’s comparison, the free plagiarism checker.

The free version allows you to check for 10 plagiarism checks per month.

Other than that, there is also a limit placed on few features.

Here is the detailed comparison of what you will get in the free version and the premium version.

paperrater plan compare
  • Save

Paperrater has followed the old “Ads vs No ads” policy for free and premium versions where the competitors have gone one step further. Most of the Grammarly alternatives don’t show any Google ads and their free versions look more hassle free.

That’s a different thing that you get a free plagiarism checker for ads displaying on websites.

Comparing the price with Grammarly, where Grammarly costs $11.66 per month if billed annually, Paperrater costs $5.76 per month when billed annually, at the time when this article is being written.

It’s cheap in price, but the premium version of Grammarly is more advanced and has more to offer than Paperrater.

Grammarly Vs Paperrater comparison chart
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Pros - Where Paper Rater stands out

  1. 10 free plagiarism checks per month.

  2. Easy to use online editor.

Cons - where Paperrater stands behind

  1. Limited number of features.

  2. Ordinary interface.

  3. Annoying display ads.

Grammarly Vs Slick Write

Slick Write is another Grammarly alternative which comes with on the go grammar checker on their website.

There is this “start writing” button on their website. Once you click on it, it leads you to their online editor where you can paste your content and check for the grammar.

But here is the thing I want to take your attention for.

Every grammar checker I tested and mentioned in this list has this one common way of checking grammar.

You paste your text in their editor, and they start showing 


Step 1 - Where you made mistakes.


Step 2 - What was the mistake about and 


Step 3 - how you can overcome it with replacements

Slick Write has skipped step 3.

It surprised me to see that Slick Write only tells you where you made the mistakes and what was the mistake about.

There is no way the software tells you what might replace the mistake.

That’s the basic function of a grammar checker software and that’s what Slick Write is missing.

It does not even mark the spelling mistakes from the text.

I don’t understand why they have done it but I feel every person who is looking for grammar checking his/her content, they surely want to know the replacement of the mistake.

There is no detailed analysis of the mistake made and there is no solution provided unlike its competitor Grammarly.

This is something I found in my first impression of Slick Write.

Other than that, there are few more things that we will take about below when testing it with different - different parameters a grammar checker has.

1. Quality

Talking about the quality of Slick Write, the interface of the online editor is neat and clean.

They arrange everything in a simple and clean way.

There is this editor in the middle where you may add your text with no hassle.

As you hover your mouse on the left panel, it shows you the options menu.

All over, the interface is quite simple and easy to use.

However, if we compare it with Grammarly, not that advanced. 

Now talking about the quality of the editor Slick Write, I am not much impressed with it.

As talked before, it lacks basic features like showing spelling errors and suggesting replacements.

It shows a blue bar at the bottom which tells you what kind of mistake you are making.

It concerns more about the percentages of adverbs or reductant words used rather than providing a solution along with it.

Here I clicked on the word “frequently” in my content which I checked through Slick Write and here is what it showed.

Slick Write mistake analysis
  • Save

So comparing it with Grammarly which shows you all the mistakes in content in a separate right bar, shows quality scores and auto corrects your mistakes, Slick Write cannot deliver all these basic features.

2. The range

Slick Write is more of a grammar analysis software than a grammar checker or corrector software.

And I have got reasons to back the statement I made above.

Slick Write focus on mistakes like how many times an adverb is used, or redundant phrase is used.

It tells you what is an ideal percentage for all those mistakes, and if you fall below that percentage, your content is good to go.

This is the main function of this software.

Other than that, there is an option called “critique” which tells you key statistics like total words of content, average word length, reading time, how many long sentences your content has and more.

Slick Write key statics
  • Save

Then there is an option of “flow” where you can check sentence by sentence the structural flow of the sentence where it shows what percentage of the sentence is simple and what percentage is complex, sentence length and more.

Slick Write sentence flow
  • Save

Statistics feature from the menu shows you different - different statistics you can see in the screenshot below -

Slick Write statistics 2
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Slick Write statistics 1
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So basically what we see here is that Slick Write is all about analyzing the content and categorizing it in various grammatical errors while showing the percentages of it.

There are no features like spell check, plagiarism check, diction check and more which Grammarly and its other competitors are having.

So the range of the features of Slick Write is limited to analysis of content.

3. Availability

While reading this article, you would have probably known how much I stress upon wide availability of any software I use.

Slick Write is available in its three variants to be used across the devices.

  1. You can use it on the go on its website editor.
  2. You can add an extension of it on Chrome browser.
  3. You can add an extension of it on Firefox browser.

The availability of this software is very limited and basic. It’s better than some Grammarly alternatives, which are only available on their website.

But if we compare it with Grammarly, it needs more advanced integrations like integration with Google Docs, Microsoft Office and offline desktop editors for Windows and MAC both.

4. The price

Most of the Grammarly alternative (and Grammarly itself) function with two price segments.

One is the free version where you get limited access to the features, and second is the premium version where you pay a certain price and get access to all the features.

Slick Write left me surprised when I found that it has no premium version.

Yes, Slick Write only works in its free version.

Although, there will be Google Adsense ads flowing above the content editor. I must mention that these ads are not as annoying as Paperrater ads. There are just one or 2 banners which hardly come in your way.

I would have preferred a premium version with some advanced features and no ads.

Comparing it with Grammarly, the free version is not as advanced as Grammarly and Slick Write does not even have a premium version with more advanced features like Grammarly.

5. The after support

It’s essential to check for the after support of a software.

Because Slick Write has no premium version and their only source of monetization is Google Ads, they do not provide any dedicated support like Grammarly.

There is just a contact us form where you post your query and you get the response.

For review purposes I post a query to them via contact us form and there is no reply from them yet. It’s been days.

So comparing the after support, Slick Write is way behind in comparison with Grammarly.

Grammarly Vs Slick Write comparison chart
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Pros - Why it’s a fit for you?

  1. Free to use simple editor.

  2. If you are looking for an analysis of your content and not all round grammar checks, this is your software.

Cons - What could have made it better

  1. Not an all-round grammar checker.

  2. Lacks advanced features.

  3. Needs more software integrations.

Grammarly Vs 1checker

1checker is another Grammarly alternative and grammar checker.

When you visit the website for the first time and open the online editor, it looks like an ordinary editor to you.

But it has things to offer.

Like all other Grammarly alternatives, 1checker has their online editor as well.

Once you click on the link to the online editor, you are asked to register to use it.

After registrations, you get access to their online editor. You add your content here. There is no word limit. You click on the review button and there you go.

1checker works in similar ways to other grammar checkers we talked about, but like every grammar checker it holds its uniqueness which we will find out in the comparison below.

1. Quality

Let’s talk about the interface first.

1checker’s interface is quite similar to an open source grammar checker’s interface.

It looks simple and ordinary.

But it’s easy to use. There are not many options here to toggle or change.

You just need to add content and hit the review button and it starts finding mistakes in your content.

The interface looks so ordinary, and there is no premium touch to it. There are no animations, hover things, just straight plain results.

So comparing the interface of the software to Grammarly, 1checker has a way to go.

Next, let’s talk about the quality.

1checker is a freeware grammar checker software.

And it shows in its quality.

It completes all the three basic steps a grammar checker is supposed to complete, which I talked about above.

It checks for grammatical mistakes, highlights them and shows you the possible suggestions.

When checking for my content in 1checker, I found a flow in its results.

It showed me a grammatical error, which I think is not an error.

I had a common phrase, “Let’s dive in.” in my content, and it showed me an error with “let’s”.

Here is what it showed -

1checker grammatical error
  • Save
1checker grammatical error explanation
  • Save

I liked it when I saw that this software shows me the possible replacements to the error which makes a grammar checker premium in quality but if the results are not accurate, what is the benefit of that.

So comparing 1checker with the quality of Grammarly, I would say they have a lot to cover.

2. The range

Let me come straight to the point.

1checker checks for basic grammatical errors like spelling check, proposition check and all grammatical errors.

Other than that, there is nothing else to look for.

There are no advanced features like sentence tone checker, sentence structure checker or plagiarism checker.

The range of 1checker features is limited to basic grammar checkers.

Because it’s free to use and if we compare its range of features with the free version of Grammarly, Grammarly is way ahead of it.

3. Availability

Mostly free grammar checkers are limited in all its aspects.

It’s because they either don’t charge us money or they depend on Adsense ads therefore the development of the software is slow.

Availability is one aspect where most of the free grammar checkers do not put stress on.

However, 1checker is available on several platforms.

They have their online version, which we have talked about above.

They have their desktop version for Windows and MAC. 

And they have their integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Although that’s a lot of integration for a free grammar checker, but it would have been great if they had their plugins for Chrome and other web browsers as well.

Comparing it with Grammarly, Grammarly offers wider integration of their software than 1checker. Be it their free version.

4. The price

I am a little amazed that 1checker is not an open source software, yet they are offering their services for free.

They do not even have any kind of display ads running on their website.

They just ask you for the sign up and that’s it.

1checker also doesn’t have any premium version as well.

So in comparison with Grammarly, they have a free version to offer but not as good free version as Grammarly.

Although 1checker is a good competition to all free grammar checkers available.

5. The after support

This is the first time in this review list when I have not found any contact form on the grammar checker website.

This is the least amount of support can be provided and 1checker does not provide that.

They have a link to help which leads to the FAQ page and their software release history. 

So obviously there is no comparison between Grammarly and 1chceker when it comes to providing the support.

Grammarly Vs 1checker comparison chart
  • Save

Pros - Why try it?

  1. Free to use.

  2. Available on a decent number of platforms.

Cons - Where improvement is needed?

  1. Poor quality of error checking.

  2. No support provided.

  3. More features needed.

FAQ - Grammarly alternative

Q.1 Is there a free alternative to Grammarly?

Yes. There are lots of free alternatives to Grammarly, which we have discussed above in the article.

Q.2 Is there something better than Grammarly?

There are various Grammarly alternatives which have their unique features. Also, there are some which have features which Grammarly do not have. They are better in a way than Grammarly.

Q.3 Is it worth paying for Grammarly?

Every grammar checker comes with its own set of features. Grammarly is worth paying for its own set of features. Although I found it a little expensive when comparing it with ProWritingAid.


We have talked about a number of Grammarly alternatives above.

Every Grammarly alternative holds its unique value.

There are some grammar checkers in the list, which stands nowhere in the competition with Grammarly. 

Where there are some grammar checkers which stand equal to Grammarly in some aspects and lacks in some other aspects.

Then there are a few Grammarly alternatives which stand equal in most of the aspects, and in some aspects they are even better than Grammarly as well.

You may choose any of the Grammarly alternatives mentioned above according to your needs.

If you still can not decide, here is my take on which one is the best Grammarly alternative.

My recommendation -

The best Grammarly alternative

There are several grammar checkers available in the market.

I have tried getting ins and outs of some of them in this article.

If you are looking for free Grammarly alternatives, there are a number of free grammar checkers and free versions of paid grammar checkers in this list which you can surely try.

If they fulfill your needs, that’s all you need.

But if you want to go a step ahead of most of your competitors and give your content, a premium feel which you observe on most of the authority blogs, go for premium versions.

Now if you are looking for a Grammarly alternative which covers all the features Grammarly has plus there are some more features which makes it ahead of Grammarly and the alternative is available at the same cost or may be a little less than it, then I have something for you.

I recommend you to try ProWritingAid for it.

ProWritingAid is advanced in features like Grammarly. It provides a number of features which can improve your writing, makes it error free and shows you a lot valid replacements which makes your content ahead of your competitors content.

Plus, the best thing about it is that they offer a free version where you can have a glimpse of it and then there is also a free trial where you can try and buy.

Can I make it cheaper for you with a coupon code or deal?

ProWritingAid comes with two variants of its premium version.

One is Premium which comes with all advanced features mentioned above and second version is Premium Plus version which comes with all advanced features of premium and 50 plagiarism checks per year.

Now, you can get Premium version for $70 annually and Premium Plus version for $80 annually which is still cheaper than Grammarly if we consider annual prices.

But I can get you Prowritingaid cheaper than this.

Go through the link mentioned below and you will get flat extra 20% off.

Cool, isn’t it?

Here is the link -

14 day guarantee

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

There is a 14 days money-back guarantee provided by ProWritingAid which means if you do not like the product you can get all your money back.

What else a buyer needs?

That’s it from my side for best Grammarly alternatives.

Hope I covered all the possible Grammarly alternatives in this list. If I have not, please let me know in the comment box below.

Also, subscribe to my blog below so I can send you stuff that you are as a blogger missing out.

Thank you for reading this post. It means a lot to me. 🙂


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