MTS coupon theme review – Best wordpress coupon theme 2020

If you are looking for the best coupon theme for WordPress, you probably have landed in the right place.

MTS coupon theme is one of the best coupon themes I have ever tested.

But that does not mean that it is your cup of tea also. 

Everyone has their requirements, right?

So let’s find out if it’s a fit for your needs or not.

Before that, let me introduce you to what we are going to cover in this review -

What is a coupon theme?

A coupon theme is a pre-designed WordPress theme to make a coupon or deals website without doing much customization or coding yourself. The theme does it all for you. 

All you need to do is to make some changes to make it stand out.

Is it suitable for you?

Ok. Let’s address the elephant in the room.

Coupons & deals websites are a kind of business itself.

If you know your competitors in this niche, you have probably found there are established coupon websites in the market.

These websites have a huge budget to spend on the website because the website is earning it for them.

That’s why mostly they develop their website with the help of website developers.

So, what does it mean?

Does it mean you should also get your website developed or leave this niche?

And the answer is NO.

When starting out, WordPress themes are the best way to design your website.

It gives the most of the abilities which a custom website is having, rest you don’t need when you are starting out.

So, WordPress coupon theme is suitable for you if you are a beginner and want to stand in competition.

What makes MyThemeShop Coupon Theme stand out among other coupon themes - The Pros

It would have been easy for me to answer the above question in one line but I can not.

There are several factors where the MTS coupon theme impressed me a lot.

Whether it be its design which puts more in front of website visitors or be its responsiveness which fits the website into any device neatly and cleanly, I found this theme to be the most customizable coupon theme I have ever seen.

But that does not mean that there are no cons to this theme.

Of Course, there are and we will talk about it in the latter part of this article as well.

Let’s dive down into its pros first.

1. Impressive design - It’s all about coupons

What is the basic purpose of serving a coupon website?

Are you going to add coupons for a single brand and stick to it or you would like to add as many brands as possible to get visitors from all over?

It’s about adding deals & coupons for different-different brands.

And what if I tell you there are many ways you can show your coupons on the homepage of this theme.

This coupon theme allows you to add a carousel of coupons, a slider with description, category tabs where you can categories brands in the category and popular brand stores directly on the homepage.

Here is how it looks -

Coupon theme homepage
  • Save

You can add an extra offer and expiry date as well with all the coupons.

Other than that, there are more things you can do with the design, explained below.

2. Parallax and Zoom effect

To stand out. You need to do things in a way that no one else is doing.

That’s exactly what MyThemeShop has done in this theme with page/post featured image.

When adding a featured image on a post or a page, you get an option to animate your image with a nice and cool parallax or zoom effect.

Here is how you do it - Go to your post and navigate to bottom right bar. Here change header animation to Parallax or Zoom out effect.

And here is how it looks -

3. AJAX advanced search feature

I purchase a lot online and I always look for coupons before buying anything.

Now, when I am looking for a coupon, I always prefer that whichever coupon website I land on, there should be a search bar where I can search for the coupon of the brand where I am making the purchase, immediately.

This theme solves this problem.

Even they take it to the next level.

Not only does this theme support a search bar on top of your homepage but also they have added AJAX search function to it.

AJAX search function in easy language is like the google suggestion feature where when you type something in the search bar, it starts to show results automatically.

Here is how it looks-

You may turn this function ON by navigating to Appearance>>Theme option>>AJAX Quick search and turn it ON.

4. Logo with description

This has been my complaint about every theme I have been through.

When it’s about adding your logo to the website, you can either add the logo image or you can have a logo title and description which you can write at the back-end of your website.

Why can’t I have both?

Why can’t I have a logo image and a description that I can write from the back-end of the website?

And MyThemeShop recognized the problem.

Here you can add a logo image and a description, both.

How cool is that!

Here is how it looks - 

Logo with description MTS coupon theme
  • Save

Just add an image logo in Appearance>>Theme option>> General settings and add a description by navigating to settings>> General >> tagline

5. Custom sidebars for every page

Sidebars hold a lot of value to a website.

On one page you want to show what your website is about in the sidebar, well on the other page you want to show some related coupons to the visitor, the page he/she is on.

With the MTS coupon theme, you can add different-different sidebars for different-different pages.

Here is how the interface looks -

Sidebar interface MTS coupon theme
  • Save

You can do this anytime by navigating to Appearance>> Theme options >> Sidebars.

6.Typography and styling

Do you know why sometimes you can pick an established brand out of lots of other brands with just a look?

It’s all about their fonts and how they style it with design and colors.

Keeping that in mind, you can also adjust your theme color and fonts in Typography and Styling options in the Appearance section of MTS coupon theme.

This will not only make your website look good and add brand value to it but also will make your website stand out in the competition because it’s a human tendency to remember colors. It’s a psychological effect.

Have a look at the typography and styling option section -


Typography and Styling MTS coupon theme
  • Save


Styling options MyThemeShop coupon theme
  • Save

7.Homepage social buttons and subscription box

Would you like to turn your visitors into a subscriber and be in touch with him/her or you would like to lose them?

You would like to retain them because there is a strong possibility that the one who is looking for a coupon, always love to have a coupon or deal before purchasing.

And no matter if your visitor does not get a deal or coupon from you this time, maybe in future they are looking for a coupon and they have your website in their mind.

It’s only possible through being in touch with them always.

And this is possible through adding them to your social pages and your subscription list.

This coupon theme contains social buttons and a subscription box on the homepage so that you never miss a visitor turning into a subscriber or follower.

Here is how it looks -

Social and Sign up MyThemeShop coupon theme
  • Save

8. The most demanded feature - Responsiveness

If you would ask me, “ What is the one feature you would give priority to when buying a theme?”

I would no doubt say, “responsiveness”.

And I have reasons for that.

Have a look at this graph below -

Here we can see that 51.65% of the total global traffic is coming from mobile devices.

Yes. Mobile.

And if your website is not responsive, you are surely missing on to that traffic.

Here is something more interesting to know -

72% of Consumers Want Mobile-Friendly Sites: Google Research

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MTS coupon theme 100% responsive on mobile, tablet and all other devices.

It fits itself into the screen and adjusts it’s coupon carousel, banners, and all other elements accordingly.

Plus, there is a special option in theme customization where you can create a menu especially for mobile visitors only.

Just go to appearance on your WordPress dashboard >> Customization >> Menu.

Choose a menu that you want to show on mobile and select “mobile” as a menu location.

Here is how it looks on mobile -

You can tweak any customization options and check how it will look on mobile and tablet devices by toggling these buttons in theme customization here -

Mobile menu toggles MTS coupon theme
  • Save

9. SEO optimized for coupons

MyThemeShop claims their coupon theme to be 100% SEO ready which means they have made it in a way that this theme will let Google know that It’s a coupon website, do not expect long articles on it.

Plus, there are built-in features like lazy loading and the mobile responsiveness we talked about before which lets your site load faster and helps in Google rankings as well.

10. Added blog feature

Every website needs a blog.

It does not matter if you have a pet shop or a coupon website.

Let me tell you why it is important.

5 reasons Why a blog is important

  1. 1
    A blog keeps you connected to your audience.
  2. 2
    It helps in search engine optimization.
  3. 3
    You can establish yourself as a brand via a blog.
  4. 4
    You can let your visitors know that it’s not just about sharing coupons and deals, it’s also about helping people save some money every time they make a purchase.
  5. 5
    You can talk about everything around your niche like for coupons, you can let people know that few plugins help in saving some money or you can share a piece of news related to any particular brand giving a huge discount.

MyThemeShop coupon theme lets you add a blog to your website. 

It’s as simple as creating a Facebook account.

Navigate to Pages>> All pages and Look if there is already a page name blog and open it.

check if the page attribution is set to “blog” in the bottom right bar.

Or just make a new page, name it “blog” and set page attribution to “blog page”.

Update and done.

11.Amazing MyThemeShop Support

I myself used the MTS schema theme on one of my blogs and I was amazed by the kind of support they provide.

They have a dedicated support forum where once you post your concern, there will be support agents who will respond and give you all possible solutions.

Not even this, as they are authorized from MTS, you can securely give them your WordPress credential and they will fix the problem from there end.

How cool is that, right?

Here is a screenshot of my conversation with them regarding a little gap that I want to remove between the header and post content box.

Support MyTheemeShop 1
  • Save
Support MyTheemeShop 2
  • Save

12. Five versions to choose from

We started this article from the fact that everyone has their own needs when it comes to making a website especially.

Keeping that in mind, the MTS coupon theme comes with 5 versions of the theme right into your WordPress dashboard.

With just one click you can import any version of the theme.

Not just that, you can also choose to import just theme option, theme option and widgets or theme option, widgets and dummy content.

Here is how you can do it -

Versions MTS coupon theme
  • Save

Just go to Appearance >> Theme options >> Import/Export and choose the version you want.

13.WooCommmerce integration

Coupons and deals are part of the eCommerce world.

At one point or the other when you will spend some time in this niche, you will feel that you should sell your own product as well.

Because the best thing about this niche is that every visitor is a buyer for sure.

That’s where you will need the best eCommerce plugin called WooCommerce.

With the help of this plugin, you can set up a shop on your website.

It’s as easy as we set up a blog on our website.

Here is how it will look on your website - 

WooCommerce Integration MTS coupon theme
  • Save

The Cons of MTS coupon theme

We have been through lots of pros of the MTS coupon theme.

But that does not mean that it’s all good.

Everything comes with some cons of it. So does this theme.

All we can do is keep pros on one side and the cons on the other and check if it’s a fit for us or not.

So without any further ado, let’s talk about the cons of MyThemeShop coupon theme.

1. Little expensive

This theme comes with a lot of customization and features which you can not afford to miss.

BUT remember this one golden rule in your life.

“Everything comes at a cost.”

So does this theme.

Currently, this theme is priced at $35 for 1 site license, $59 for 3 site license and $77 for unlimited website license.

As per your requirement, you may buy the theme license.

2. It makes your website look like competitors website

One con of using a popular theme is that everyone starts using it.

And this makes the theme look obvious.

There are few coupon websites I have been through which use the MTS coupon theme as it is.

One great thing you can do is that you can customize it accordingly so that it stands out and it does not make it obvious.

Also, you can choose from 5 versions of the theme to make it stand out in the competition.


Here are some testimonial videos from MyThemeShop users about their themes -

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Save

MyThemeShop claims to provide 30 days full refund if you feel a problem getting the theme to work.

This means you can try and test the theme for 30 days from the date of purchase and if you find out that it’s not your cup of tea, you can ask for a full refund.

What else we need, right?


Whatever I have explained above is my conclusion on the MTS coupon theme.

In my opinion, if I summarize in a few lines -

“ MyThemeShop is a great website to get themes from. They have amazing support which I hardly see anywhere else.

The MTS coupon theme is one of the best themes I have ever been through. It’s customization, responsiveness and structure are what I liked the most. ”

Ratings  from my side -

That’s all from my side for the MythemeShop coupon theme.

I hope it helps you in deciding.

If you have any questions regarding this theme, do let me know in the comment box below. I would love to answer it.

Have a good coupon website! 🙂

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